Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment for a consultation or tattoo?
I do all my booking through email. My assistant Jaime will help you from there move forward in the best way possible.

Where are you located?
I work at West Loop Tattoo Collective in Chicago, Illinois. The shop address is 1023 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, Illinois 60607.

How much does a tattoo cost?
Each person is unique and each project is different. To keep things fair for everyone I find it best to charge hourly. My hourly rate for work is $250.

Do you do any color?
The short answer is, no. I find it best for an artist to specialize in one style of tattooing in order to be able to create the highest quality art possible. The timeless elegance of black and grey tattoos is something I am passionate about and how I choose to focus my energy. I will occasionally do color work on special request if I feel it is the best option for the client.

Do you do other types of art too?
I am not not just a tattooer, but also an accomplished watercolor and graphite pencil artist. When I have time for it I enjoy to do commissions in both mediums. Please feel free to contact me for further details if that is something you are interested in.

How soon can I get in?
This really depends on how our schedules align and how quickly we get the ball rolling. It is safe to expect about a 6 month wait between your initial email and your first appointment.