Things to know before you are tattooed

I’m looking forward to our appointment coming up. Please let me know if you are still able to make it or if we should make different arrangements. As we get closer to the day please keep a few other things in mind to help make the experience a great one for both of us. 

Be mentally ready!  Getting a tattoo is an exhausting process.  Get a good night’s sleep and try not to be hungover or on other drugs.  Alcohol and marijuana heighten the senses and can make a tattoo hurt more. I even recommend avoiding excessive caffeine use the day of and pain killers not prescribed by your doctor.  The best way to be comfortable as possible is to show up well fed and hydrated. It’s just 

Be respectful! Getting tattooed is an intimate experience for a lot of people.  We will be in a shared studio space with other artists and clients, because of this I recommend you come alone, but if you want to share the experience I ask you keep it to one other person. There can be a lot of “skin” showing from time to time, so children under 18 are not allowed as policy and Illinois law. Also I ask that you leave your furry friends at home.  If you have a service animal please let me know ahead of time so that I can make proper arrangements.

Be relaxed!  It can be pretty boring sitting in a tattoo chair.  The studio plays music but it doesn’t hurt to bring headphones and an extra battery.  We have outlets, but I can’t promise the cord will reach while I’m working on you.  The shop does have free WiFi so don’t hesitate to ask me for the password if you need it when you come.

Be certain!  Unfortunately it can be difficult for me to have a design ready to show prior till the day you come in.  I do my best to make any necessary changes the day of your appointment, but some things require more time. Avoid having to reschedule your appointment by sending me all of your references or new ideas asap.  I ask that during our appointment you avoid showing me pictures off your phone.  Ill have a tablet with all the references you’ve sent available that we can work with together. 

Be prepared! Please be sure to show up on time.  Being excessively early or late is a burden on both myself and the rest of the shop.  If you are 15 minutes late to your appointment without notice your deposit may be forfeited. We are legally required to make a copy of a government issued photo ID, be sure to have it ready.  The studio is CASH ONLY.  To save us both headaches please be prepared and hit the ATM before coming in.  There is on the street parking, but it is a busy location so make plans accordingly. Please download the ParkChicago mobile app to avoid having to refill your meter during the tattoo.

Lastly be happy!  Getting a new tattoo is exciting and a smile is contagious.  You’re coming into a safe space and I want it to be an incredible experience.  Leave your worries at the door and I promise to do the same.